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Let us bow our heads and give thanks...

Welcome people with and from the clitoris. From where we all doth cum.

A church focused on the origins of worship – the goddess and love. Women were goddesses, revered, life gifters, pleasure-seekers and holders.

Join the High Priestess and the Labias in uniting as a congregation dedicated to raising your voice in song, in learning, in a joyful shared learning experience. 

Cum one, cum all.

What are people saying?


''It was a fun, humorous, educational and inspiring show suitable and probably essential for every adult who has a vagina, or a partner with one."

Hi Fi Way


''If this is what church is like then sign me up! At this church it’s time to throw off the shackles of the patriarchy, embrace the Divine feminine and bring the world back into balance by worshipping the Holy Clit."

Whats On In Adelaide


Full Service

Dates and Locations

We encourage regular worship at home, in the car, in the bush, ocean, and with valued partners with whom you have open honest conversations.


If you wish to come and worship with us follow us on Facebook and Instagram to find a service near you:

The only deck you'll ever need... The Fingerings!


About Us

Theatre meets cabaret, comedy, song and worship.

Join the high priestess, labia majora, labia minor and the master of his organ to worship the source of joy, happiness and contentment – the clitoris. We invite you to attend a service and become one of the Cliterati. To bow your heads and give thanks.

What People have to say

"Women empowering women through a fact filled, fun musical that would make anyone squirt”

Gia Frino

Screen producer, maker, creative

"Clearly, this is a ceremony that’s needed. It wont be to everyone's taste, but if you're open-minded, you'll find it a joyous celebration of female sexuality that's very tongue in….well, let's say cheek."

Nick Rheinberger,

Mornings Presenter, ABC Illawarra.


Our Services Include

  • Words of wisdom and worship from the high priestess.

  • Endorphin raising songs of praise.

  • History of the clitoris from Labia Majora.

  • Introduction to techniques of correct worship.

  • Clit hits by Labia Minora.

  • Moving music by "The Master of His Organ".

  • Colouring book creations.

  • And so much more...

Contact Us

You can contact us using the email below, or send us a message.

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Join our mailing list

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